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Vizocom provides professional and a complete range of IT & communication solutions in the United States. We design and implement the latest in Information & Communication Technologies. Our custom designs are tailored to suit your business and give you a competitive edge through value based solutions.

Vizocom works with its clients through a combination of deep-level business and technical expertise, an extensive knowledge of today’s technologies including innovations around web and cloud computing, and a mature and highly capable delivery and services infrastructure.

Vizocom is committed to delivering the most advanced, practical, reliable and cost-effective solution to its customers.

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Who we work with

  • Oil and Gas
    Oil and Gas
    Vizocom recognizes the world’s increasing need for energy. With the rise in demand for its extraction, exploration and processing, is also the demand to optimize operations through efficient communication and the advancement & utilization of appropriate technologies. Vizocom makes it easy for Oil & Gas companies to integrate the necessary technologies needed to effectively communicate between remote & hazardous locations and offices
  • Construction
    The Construction Industry constantly experience growth in many areas across all sectors of their market. This trend compels construction companies to adapt to the increasing demand for higher performance by implementing & upgrading to smart and efficient technology solutions. Being a leading single-source solution provider in ICT, Vizocom makes it a point that it is always one step ahead of its clients technologically in order to ascertain the potential needs in their construction projects and operations.
  • Government
    Government Services encompass all the frontiers of technology with very strict and defined sets of standards to meet. Where on-demand and resilient requirements for data, voice, security, network and IT services demand high performance, availability and utmost reliability, Vizocom delivers the world over.
  • Education
    Vizocom serves the education sector by providing services such as setup of computer laps, procurement of IT equipment, and setup of advanced audio-video training technologies.

Our technology partners

VIZOCOM works with the leading industry leaders to deliver the best possible information and communication technology and solutions to our customers.

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  • 7-hp.jpg
  • 8-dell.jpg
  • 9-EMC.JPG
  • 10-Netapp.JPG
  • 11-Palo_Alto.JPG
  • 12-Juniper.JPG
  • 13-Exterity.JPG
  • 14-NetUP.jpg
  • 14-Samsung.JPG
  • 16-Fluke.jpg
  • 17-Creston.JPG
  • 18-Bosch.JPG
  • 19-GeoVision.jpg
  • 20-Federal-Signal.jpg


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Companies who trust our services

VIZOCOM is proud to have worked with tens of clients among Ministries, Governmental Institutions, Oil & Gas Companies, Construction and Mining Companies, Banks, Media, NGOs, Security Companies, and other enterprises.

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  • 2-Exxonmobil.JPG
  • 3-Honeywell.JPG
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  • 5-Shell.jpg
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  • 7-Fluor.jpg
  • 8-Arkel.jpg
  • 9-USAID.jpg
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  • 13-MSI.JPG
  • 14-NBC.JPG
  • 15-IRD.jpg
  • 16-US-Embassy.JPG

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Vizocom Signs New Contract with the US Airforce

Vizocom, a leading global ICT provider signed a new contract with the US Air Force to provide a new revolutionary Digital Cinema Projection System for the US Air Force’s Morale, Welfare, and Recreation programs.

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Professional Digital Solutions for Cinemas and Theaters

Digital Cinema Projection (also called Digital Cinema) is a method of using digital copies of a movie stored in electronic devices such as high-capacity hard drives and servers instead of traditional reel-to-reel films.

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Why Choose Vizocom


Turn-key Service

Vizocom provides turn-key ICT/ELV solutions that addresses the need for data, voice, and video connectivity.


Trusted by well-known companies

Vizocom provides ICT/ELV services to large enterprises such as Shell, BGC, and Weatherford to name a few.


ISO Certified

Vizocom is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company for its perfected quality management system.

Customer Service

Excellent Customer Service

Vizocom prides itself for its 3-layered after-sales services and has established the proper measures to achieve this.